Expand programs that will enhance research on the basic mechanisms underlying pain and the development of novel therapeutics that can be used to alleviate pain and suffering in patients with cancer.

Our interdisciplinary team of basic, translational and clinical faculty scientists is uniquely poised to conduct research in pain and improve our understanding and eventual management of cancer treatment-related pain.

The mission will be achieved through the following aims:

Aim 1: Advance interdisciplinary science aimed at enhancing understanding of underlying mechanisms and testing interventions designed to effectively manage cancer treatment-related pain.

Aim 2: Strengthen the number and quality of interdisciplinary cancer pain studies on the UM campus and increase and sustain the utilization of comprehensive biobehavioral methodologies in the studies.

Aim 3: Expand the capacity to conduct rigorously designed interdisciplinary cancer pain studies utilizing biobehavioral methods that utilize cutting edge statistical analysis techniques.