Administrative Core

Director/Principal Investigator: Susan G. Dorsey, PhD, RN
Associate Director: Christopher W. Ward, PhD
Evaluator: Meg Johantgen, PhD, RN

The Administrative Core provides oversight and coordination of administrative functions of the Center; optimizes and enhances Core resource utilization; plans for and actively pursues intramural, extramural and foundation funding to sustain and grow the Center research activities; and, supports the successful completion of pilot studies. The Core is responsible for building the capacity and infrastructure to support, grow and sustain interdisciplinary cancer treatment-related pain research locally, nationally, and internationally.

Biobehavioral Core

Director:  Joel D. Greenspan, PhD
Co-Director:  Richard Traub, PhD

The Biobehavioral Core provides services, resources, and support to investigators who are studying pain using pre-clinical or clinical models. This Core advises and assists all project investigators in the design and implementation of their pilot projects, including provision of common data measures used across pilots, data management, analysis, and interpretation in collaboration with the Biostatistical Core. The Core provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration among basic, translational, and clinical scientists involved in pain research. They ensure the acquisition, maintenance and upgrade of services and resources are available for existing and future biobehavioral studies

Genetics Core

Director:  Nicholas Ambulos, Jr., PhD
Co-Director: Jing Yin, DMD

The Genetics Core provides RNA labeling and array processing for all pilot study and Center investigators It provides expertise and advice regarding the design of gene expression analysis experiments; provides RNA labeling and microarray processing of samples for gene expression analysis experiments; provides normalized gene expression data to Pilot PIs and to the Biostatistics Core; and, provides expertise, advice, and consultation to Center faculty and Pilot PIs regarding next-generation technologies, including the next-Gen sequencing strategies, which can be utilized to examine the human, rat and murine transcriptome. This core interacts with the Biobehavioral Core to establish guidelines for RNA sample preparation and timing of sample collection. Following array processing, this Core collaborates with the Biostatistics Core to ensure that the data from the array experiments are normalized appropriately and to discuss data analysis strategies and plans.

Biostatistics Core

Director: Yulan Liang, PhD

The Biostatistics Core assists in the design of individual projects including sample size determination, power estimation, and experiment design. The core provides efficient data management including edit checking of data to maintain data quality, facilitation of data transfer from one project to another, and maintenance of data security. This Core is responsible for assembling a suite of computational, statistical and bioinformatics tools that facilitate data analysis. The Biostatistics Core provides expertise in the genetic data analysis and bioinformatics tools for biomarker discovery and gene expression study. The core correlates and integrates the results from both preclinical and clinical models.

Translational Phenotyping Core 

Chair: Sharon Gordon, DDS, MPH, PhD

The Translational Phenotyping Core provides researchers with streamlined, centralized access to clinical and pre-clinical phenotyping services.  Clinical services include full- service clinical suites with anthropometric testing and a phlebotomy cart.